Liberty, Expression and Truth

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Dance room

The dance room has a floating floor, fixed bars for ballet, a mirror, fans and a stereo in an iluminated and wide environment.

Tap dance, jazz, ballet, urban dances, street dance, hip hop and contemporary dance classes take place here.




Music room

Our music room was prepared with care and has acoustically coated walls and a mirror in one of the walls. There is also a moving stage used in activities during the classes.

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Musicalization room and Rest little corner 

This room was planned for cuddling our babies: it is acclimatized with air humidifiers at the four corners, ceiling fans with three speeds, exhauster, dimer, and rubber floor. All prepared for the comfort and safety of our little artists. The instruments are sterilized with alcohol 70%.


This room is also used for resting moments by the Artistic Experiences' students, who are 3 to 7 years old.


The baby-changing area is equipped with a little shower, a porcelain bathtub, a space for changing diapers and everything a mom needs: cottons, ointments, gauze and cotton swabs. 

Dressing room

Our dressing room is a multipurpose area and it works as the Musicalization's anteroom, where moms can put their bags and shoes. It is also used for the Artistic Experiences' students put their belongings, as well as for the adult courses' students at night. There is space for everyone!

sala de teatro.jpg

Theater room

This room has also acoustically coated walls, floating floor and it is always iluminated and airy for the rush and dynamism typical of theater classes.

Entrance hall

The entrance door for our magical place gives access to the secretariat and eyes to the musicalization and dance rooms for those who may be a bit curious and want to take a quick look at the ongoing classes.

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We will add photos of the visual arts and the school tutoring rooms soon. They have been reformed to serve better our students.